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Mediate Past (Not On Label 2017)

A solo project off one of thus Gallhammer’ s extreme girl of experimental Ambient Electro-Noise of Psychedelic mixed on Tokyo meets Oslo- Norway musical that carried in by the leading parts performed by Korg MS-10, VooDoo LAB super-fuzz samples to synthesizers noise combinations – and if you liking the sorrow and eerie templates tones and listed tunes here praised and thank to Vivian Slaughter (Gallhammer) – disguising as Viviankrist right there releasing this project bursts of distorting banned over Cold Sun.
Feel the end of times and doomed minutes every countable ticking through the disturbance sounds like being brought to the surface by Silver Mountain, Darkest Light or She Talks Too Much. 

Leaning the melting colors like watery snow burnt by the giant star in the sky and gone ...

Cold Sun: