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Matlack Bleary (Bandcamp 2014)

   Start-up your stereo and filled it with not thus series of horse-shit but a miscellaneous recording compact disc or maybe the online version like software to fight the boring walmart virus through the fun for weird event happens like the prescription towards the left-over bit vegetables on an empty station walk-by area – waiting to be saved by nobody there but with Hip-Hop collective blending and background of Chill-Pop commoner Boom-Bap beats and mix-taping record compiles together as a free study music made by Birocratic or in his real identity as Brandon R must be a relaxing instrumental fused of mastered funny-shit which really not that bad to listen through Beets-4.
A series of eventually process gathered around for many Hip-Hop. Jazzy Funk or Rn’B loyalists to have such in a classy kinds of way from Sleepyface, Tony’s Belated Breakfast, Disco Dan Adjusts to Suburban Life, Corn Honey Leaving Her Flowers and Corporate Japan as non-controversially being serious but never fails to give us the fitting pulses on pool-partying, slow-dancing, cuddling or playing video games during your unemployed hours these months. 

Beets 4: