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Maniera Celeste (Firewall Div. 2015)

   A solo project of Kyo from Dir En Grey – a talented Metal-Core Screamo group off Japan trying to taste his inner-self dilemma and disturbance chaos on making a more militant Industrial Metal and Alternative Rock music sounding imminent and brutal but didn’t losing its melodic atmosphere surrounding the Animated J-Rock sensations with Sukekiyo with the recruit members like Uta on bass guitar or drummer Yuchi as Kyo himself supplying the guitars/piano and vocals and does the affiliation through this blending over Prog-Rock experimental and Jazz Rock to Electronic Industrial Tech Metal-core sessions as they’re putting the materials onto the album products such as the second effort here – Vitium.
From those whom liking J-Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal to fantasy Symphonic Industrial blasts in conclusion must have this record and witnessing thus tracks like Leather Field, Dunes, Dot or Foster Mother rocking the stereo’s up !