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Lucifer Experiment (Unundeux 2012)

Great Whore Of Babylon is the infinite measurements to call the strike on how on earth human can delivers such a crushing extremities like the collision between Slayer and Bring Me The Horizon in seconds blasting the global planet into pieces once one pressing the play button. As chaotic as you wanted or not but the pressing charge on them won’t do no good while the possessing themes and devastating terror screaming gore and altitude of terror continues to rumbles on. The demonic creature already being released and the Austrian blended for Deathcore, metallic Grinder or Grindcore and Hardcore onto Great Whore Of Babylon will measuring that you come to right place to be fucked out fucking hard than ever by the band. Markus Buder and Harald Groller (vocals), Stefan Notter (drums), Besi Heilig (bass) and Peter Ott (guitars) as you can freaking see here aren’t the boy bands or concerning artists that cares about what media thinks on them.

You’ll be slaughtered by Thanks A Bomb, Hypertension, Mengamuk and My Name Is Fuck You !!!

Great Whore Of Babylon: