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Lovesick Hill (Night Cult Records 2016)

Ecstatic perhaps, noisy sometimes sounded slower and too Gothic but also can delivers a grungy things to our ears not as an ease target as the remains substantial lyrics of depressions and haunting aspects tracks may stay Psychedelic or Post-Punk within the efforts from these Oslo – Norway being born to be one of those John Cale’s cloned sons and Trond Fagernes (vocals+guitars), Petter Gudim Marberg (bass), Havard Haga (guitars), Bjorn Marius Kristiansen (tour drummer), Ola J. Kyrkjeeide (studio/live drummer) to Kenneth Eknes (synth) giving the distinctive blending for No Wave Goth Rock and Post-Punk onto the pouring state of gloomy music on the Observed In A Dream album.

Mayflower Madame turns into a band which walks and brought small piece of sadder hell to common humanity aspects as the themes spreading slow but within the harmonic tempos caught to some a deadly disease for encouraging suicidal sense in late evening while alone. 

Self-Seer to Forever/The End of Everything, Into The Haze (Redux) or Weightless connected to the immediate danger behind thus distorted wah-wah standard music on play.

Observed In A Dream: