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Lord Of Ages (Cold Meat Industry 1998)

   A kind of Neo-Folk project recording of experimenting taken or being influenced from over the martial ideas by a duet of musicians as well as author Annabel Lee and composed journalist also an author – Michael Moynihan via Blood Axis team as a unit of seminal non-recognizable group or duo here known to be a Blood Axis or sometimes as Love Axis. Must be more than just a musical instrument sounds only but as the spoken words or story-telling or even a saga epic folklore background kinds of artistic music sounds or melodramatic harmonies format of lingua being recorded and spreading to others and newer generations off Blot: Sacrifice In Sweden might recognizing these acts via a modern simple but helpful equipments to listen as the audience would be so fascinating on following the tracks by track like the opener Sarabande Oratoria length to about four minutes more as being followed by Herjafather which sounding Scandinavian epic that could chills your bones whilst setting it to the better volume thorough Reign I Forever or The Hangman and The Papist and The March of Brian Boru.
   As darker sides and lighter bearing sights occurs and collapsing over thus clashing swords, viking’s rage, the sailing adventures and building empires on the far-side of the globe and also the kingdom’s problematic and power offerings to the last pagan breathing against the Christendom effects surroundings once a great culture, communion and race but falsely kneeling down for the wrong gods. 

As the wolves howling in the distance, the awakening back of the pagan beliefs forcing the world to bow down to them in turns …

Blot - Sacrifice In Sweden: