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Lonely Hell (My Kingdom Music 2004)

   As the line-up consisted of Jani Lethosaari (bass, vocals), Lene Leinonen (bass), Heikki Hallnoro (drums) and Ilari Kinnunen (bass) looks strange for a band formation but not even weirder to the band’s music products which casts out off this ancient temple-formation of mysteries needing answers for decades background in best kept Secret album off these Experimental rocking group Plan E of Oulu, Finland as the creeping Doomy and Stoner Rock-tinged over this infinite insane led by synth/keyboards and bass-lines standard tempos getting slower and odd every time you listening closer in focus for them as dark moods, ethereal moods to drop-grimey rocking drags the new decade on void mixtures whether one hitting the surface of Plan E relating themes or just trying to figure out the strange tidal of low-electron pulses carried-out by the tracks of Today is The Day, Shadow in The Dark, Pure as Snow, Near Life Experience and Fool or number ten covers off Brad’s Rock Star/We – that must be leaving your feelings to liking them or confusingly just shaking your head in a big question of what’s really going on in Modern Rock realm today …

Best Kept Secret: