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Litus Samoni Wexta (Independent 2016)

   A Traditionalist group of musicians carrying their old ancient beliefs onto the friendly music to share as bare the ground celebrating every single days of time expanding in front of their eyes – either banishing or quickly paced the stepping of visible visions walks over the universal surroundings here beneath the wings of nurturing Mother Earth’s force. The Ritual Pagan Folk sounds with performance of musical instruments by Sephirus Oakborn (violin, backing vocals), Torano (bagpipes, synths), Kluto (guitars) and Waili (dudjeroo, backing vocals and other instruments) as affiliating their line of lives within the grace and the wrath of the higher spirits and powerful creators from their hometown of Gallaecia through the mountains and forests telling us the history, legends and spiritual of pagan worshiping ancestry and the world as Drusuna evokes you and the audiences as well as the surrounding creatures and unseen spirits realm to gain and bounds through their musical companion releasing on this record Kaytos Kom - an evocation of a Kaytos demeanor incoming event.
   These Portugese band mixing the likes for Ambient Folk to Celtic, Neo-Folk Pagan and World Music onto their blending cauldron of spells and chants through Tirros Drusunas (Land of Drusuna), Spiralis Amsteras (Spiral of Time) or Cernunnos – invoking and celebrates the rebirth of the Forest God via the ancient ritual on music performance which also accompanying with the seductive female background vocals and tribal percussion – sending your consciousness asleep and then awaken for the new perceptions knowledge of the olden days’ olden ways of rules and laws as the preserving of planet  must be ours. 

Kaytos Kom: