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Limbo Bombay (Bandcamp 2017)

Lexington, Kentucky product for those whom loves some Prog-Rock, Metal-Folk, parts of Sludge-Funk-Circus-Funk and Pop-Rock roots or just simply, Folk-Rock and Indie Pop combinations here made well by the musical taste art sounds via The Ford Theatre Reunion which consisted of Alex Johns, Eric McMyermick, Joe Harbison, Will Chewning and Luke Harrington as occultist as they’re representing there through the self-written lyrics an themes but didn’t sounded doomed or extreme. In We Have Only Left Earth; one can finding there’s too much noises blending actions like a rioting parade of music played by the big band of swampy from New Orleans but with freedom and free-thoughts not just the hearts.
Hooded figure, childish voice, strange gypsy-tinged sounds and marches on anthems of the rural meets urban meets suburban loneliness and desperation to digging on hope that lasts fast in semi slow standard tempo via Wheeling Weights, New American Standard, The Service of Venus, …You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next! and Betrayal: The Fourth Trial might chaining your ears to kept standing still until this album finished playing or you might just wanted more favorable tension made by them in bizarre creativity like this one. 

We Have Only Left Earth: