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Lilim Cielo (Aloud Music Ltd 2012)

Post-metal of instrumental requiem music for the lossless hearted and abandoned victims on fate imbalance for over their entire lives of just about now counting for this Madrid, Spain’s young band calling themselves Toundra featuring Alberto Tocados, Alex Perez, David Lopez, Esteban Jimenez or some other members already being in replaces thundering their ability for writing non-vocals songs within the progressive matters by materials commencing between some semi-underground and half-commercial scars of themed causing the Hardcore meets Post-Rock for the third recording release of (III) here proclaiming the beneficial altitude for the audiences to fly without wings and regarding a higher achievement rather than the previous one album. Of the depth of the green dark sea water lies the beauty but ferociously dangerous in wait for her victims to dive and getting too close – not paying attentions for the curses of Ara Caeli riffing heavy and powerful via thus seven minutes and fifty-seven seconds onto Marte of five minutes more or perhaps, the closing Espirita leaving you in non-awareness too darn late to avoid the seduction from our princess of the deep water graves snatching on sailor men for centuries …