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Lies The Book (Prophecy Productions 2016)

   The Book of The Dead waving in breeze extorts for about seven minutes and forty-four seconds while the symbolic for thus Greek/Egypt temple visions and the haunting jazzy Doom Rock performance led by female voices for the San Francisco’s group of occult-mystic with Bezaelith playing bass/synth/guitars/vocals as well as Iva Toric did the synth/backing vocals and Otrebor behind the drums; completely emerging the settlements over the non-suitable blended extremity via Ambient Electronic and Black Metal to Post-Rock, Psychedelic Space Rock and Dark Doom for the opening hole making a portal where the majestic thing s from another dimension shall come across this for Gramarye recorded by Lotus Thief creeping the celestial magic or traditional olden spells over Circe, Salem and Idisi.

Exploring their musical charges through the passage and originated state on conscious proposal with the dark-side.