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Leicester Sally (Black Widow Records 2001)

What if Black Sabbath feeling moody and decided to give their Doom Rock fusion a Goth-Rock and Jazz trumpet tones involving to the blender bowl of dark-themed horror and bloody mess thoughts – that would be awesomely what you might have then, listening to Feelmazumba the recording off the group named Agony Bag whom sounding vintage as a newcomer group but the make-up slashing tricks and scary grasp towards Rabies is a Killer, Never Never Land, Venus Fly Trap, Nursery Chrymesg to Vodka blown rocking ovr you with some of the strange sounds included as experiments by these band on the record – like flute, brass sections and so on.
Standard Punkish and Heavy Rock you might wanted to have for the Halloween day slasher party incident to a payback for those bullies that giving you a hard times this year with the performance from Geoff Beavan and his creepy friends !