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Law Panda (Kanine Records 2017)

#53 granted the Pop-tinged Indie Rock performance off these Toronto, Canada band of mixture musicians whom one can describing them via names as a quartet of Jangly meets Power-Folk tensions as Jasmyn Burke, Morgan Waters, Spencer Cole and Zach Bines calling themselves – Weaves for the loves of natural living things to covering themselves with plants and grasses green or making these songs sensible to hear for you just like the releasing of Art-Rock independent and Neo-Wave mixes for Wide Open album.
The second efforts from Weaves which fills the audience’s heads with bright colors and simple popish beats not too damn sure involving bad signs and rotten politics into the lyrics. A pitiful childish and surrealist themed making sense here as Gasoline, Puddle, Motherfucker or Walk Away fits for your protesting walks against those tree cutter teams paid by the big company. 
Spreading good energy and the sing-along La La harmonies to anyone for stop hurting your natural surroundings but sing and praised the shiny day with no clouds.

Wide Open (LP):