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Lagoon Capsultron (Business Casual 2015)

Argentavis is your weapon of choices if one moment you arriving right inside the world of Vapor-Wave music and Electronic Deep-House beats as this project recording by Finnish exported musical package off Ursula’s Cartridge mixture sampling project might resemblance in similarity to those Anime-Pop sounds and more related themes which also being loved by the fanatic fans of Japanese scoring weird beats or robotic-touches music for animated and suspense thrill of dramatic events whether they’re locals or not – didn’t matter  cause through Argentavis; one would listening to mostly instrumentals and harmony-textures of the remarkable tracks that looks like they’re telling their own story to the listeners completely automatic from Jyvaskyla home-base.
Don’t believe the facts ? Go listen to Cybernetic Love Stories, Retro Futuristic Desires, Drank of Death or Computer Animated City Lights that obviously, suitable for the high-technology smart cities but foremost, smarter humanity as the theme goes one by one remixing the project like this for story-telling.