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Kupala Field (Bandcamp 2017)

   Inspired to the strong background heritage and historic as they’re performing totally withi the traditional Slavonic folklore to native project our Russian local musical created by Olga Lantseva (music, vocals, backing vocals), Dmitry Dubinin (lyrics), Anton Chudetsky (music, guitars, gusli, domra, vocals and ocarina) to Alexander Anokhin (bass, guitars, percussion) as well as Dmirty Solovyov (drums, percussion, glockenspiel) and Svetlana Sharkova (flute) describing themselves as Letenica – the group brings this Bereginya; their recording debut mostly in Russian Cyrillic alphabets in Folk-Rock and Neo-Folk off the Slavic background and cuter sweet and sometimes, soft but also gets rough and interesting to the rest of traditional naturalist listeners of music lovers there on many songs as for example – The Four Winds, The Morning Was Rising with Dawns, The Golden-Maned Sunrise is Reflected onto The Field, I’ll Come Early to The Side Steppe and Touch with Hand as being translated perhaps, as you following thus melodic local harmony sounds that Letenica already draws the thinner border to enact the miles of differences towards other international listeners to getting closer and warmth themselves with the songs performing by the group …