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Koma Тик (Moon Records 2007)

   In defense of your favorable once of Nu-Metal or Alternative Metal alliance formed worldwide from US soil to Europe and Russia as well; meet the group that concentrated their essential marking brands as a variable of originating sounds they’ve chosen and Slot which used to be formed by songwriter Igor Lobanov to guitar player Sergey Bogolyubsky as well as recruiting Daria “Nookie” Stavrovich or Nikita Muravyov to Denis Khromykh and several changes of the band members come and go through the passing years of the band’s career presenting the unpleasant manic blast of Rap-core and Hard Rock with the bunch of additional performance taking Hip-Hop and heavy Metal collaboration to the next level.
Via Trinity – the album, this Moscow answer to Lacuna Coil may sounded not to similar caused of the edgy side blending over thus harder distortions and aggressive drumming to the mixture double vocals which can get soaring to the most melodious at once – given the group a distinctive colors to radiates more interests among their audience and listeners. 
Brain-damage displays and disturbance over society and self-feelings might still be the first choice for the inspirations for them to wrote down on thus lyrics – erupting songs like God & Devil Inc., Ave Maria to Улица Роз (Ulitsa Roz), Они Убили Кенни (Oni Ubilli Kenni) and Доска (Board) seems to reminding us for how Korn would sounded alike if they had a female lead singer like this sexy one from Slot …