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Juicy Desire Things (Columbia/Chaos 1992)

   Heavy Metal rocking crew off New York City that sounded not too damn Hardcore or Punkish like any NYC bands used to sounding like – these trio bashing your hearing within their likes for Hard Rock, Hair Metal and of course, Rock N’ Roll and little bit of Bluesy Rock as the high-pitched toned vocals and classic rock solos and chords will avenging the missions to interacts and taken your interest to focusing on them; Nik Chinboukas (vocals/guitars), Gustavo J. Vitureira (bass) and Alex Kyriazis (drums) currently did their best effirt recording over this misconduct division for the launching site test of a nuclear war-heads  as you may sitting in front row – the best seat around with them witnessing the force of destruction behind the gas masks. From the childhood friends to the highly influenced by Led Zeppelin must be making these guys a good solid comparison to your vision for a lesser-known but awesome band around too.
   Through the debut Colllision; Who Do You Love, True Love, Chains to Give Me 5 Days, Creepin’ or Maximum Respect shall be some of those remarkable tracks from this Collision trio to amazed your Heavy Metal hour of the good kickin’ ass music !