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John Brown King (Def American Recordings 1988)

   As taken their solid name from the legendary Black Sabbath album with the same name – only this time isn’t too dark in basic; Masters Of Reality showing the world about how obliterated their realm meet the vanishing of sunlight but not trying to sounded too “doomy” these lot ain’t stop developing as the debut recording acclaimed as one of the seminal best new recordings upon Hard-Rock and Desert Stoner scene as ultimate and you may be the witness following the beats made by these New Yorker consisting of Chris Goss the leading guitarist/vocalist with guitarist Tim Harrington as embracing the same moments as thus raising semi-legends compatriots like Kyuss and Queen of The Stone Age as Masters of Reality tends to be fluid for their members since then.
   The self-titled record (or sometimes also called Blue Garden) contains of Bluesy Rock, psychedelic and Stoner Metal to compares one another as the scenery artworks seems to be cemented in blue version of the same solitude antiquities just like the first album from Ozzy and co. Powerful grooves and elegant riffs with a classic rock vocals that reminding of Jerry Garcia’s sided of rocking loud via Themes For The Scientist of The Invisible or Domino or Getting’ High all the way through Magical Spell and The Candy Song. 

A promising act that you might counting on to serves more adequate performance years after this seminal release !

Masters of Reality: