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Job Lip Dinner (PNKSLM 2017)

   Sparkling double in two-timer female Pop-Indie Rock soft tunes non-trending on your mom’s sixties realm sounds and Natalie Bang Bang and Natalie Chahal might be having their old school days being a mocking victims and bully loaders because they’re not pretty or famous or perhaps, it’s just the way for teaching girls in UK to everywhere for not ever again torturing themselves in bulimia or anorexia of your stupid silly imaginations on skinny-land perfections but be yourself completely as Waist Management which is a Lo-Fi Pop-Rock session of miniature record being released as Miss World (a group) pulling their tracks of slow-diving wall of sounds on Click And Yr Mine or Put Me in A Movie – as people might needing to pointed the real girl or artificial sex toys displays on the front artwork but the important thing to do here is following the grooves melodies up with the girls from Miss World.