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Jeggings Own (Miscreant Records 2014)

   Doing ventriloquist with your favorite doll cannot buy you a new shoes like Atticus products or garbage Dash-ass stuff because you’re not coming from a wealthy family (yet) but surely – that doesn’t mean you cannot rocking yourself out with friends and make a branded group playing its own Pop-Punk musical show as it is officially, an amazing support by bunch of people would encouraging you to go further. Just like Lily: vocals/guitars, Dre: vocals/drums and Bella: vocals/bass and their infamous long-titled record; Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club recorded under the non-trendy name of the band – Jawbreaker Reunion. Graduated from Bard College or not the honesty do really taking these weirdos stepping out their comfort-zone but making more enchants toward how the audience will seeing them as a band that needs to importantly, needs more attentions because the fast music and silly lyrics didn’t sounded that silly as you first hearing them.

Have a great disruption within Laughing Alone Eating a Salad, Tearing Down Posters, Beer and Loathing or E.M.O.

Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club: