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Jagermeister Jerry (CNR Music/Animal 1998)

Pop-Gabber to Happy Hardcore Techno delivery from Amsterdam, The Netherlands providing  by Jeff “Abraxas” Porter and Jeroen Flamman where Rave-music would kills you the haters instead even before one ordering their drinks but instead of being angry and disliking the inter-terrestrial music products from the project calling themselves as Party Animals; you might wanted to look around you and grab some delicious ass-babes just for yourself over the sexual content small talks, lips touching, wild cuddling to liquid exchanging that inverted the most society laws of forbidden acts towards strangers but not today.
As the lights are gone for good and darkness slowly creeps and bring you courage to not being a beat-addiction Hippie but brave mercenaries of the dance-floor, twenty songs of bewildering atmosphere via Hosanna Superstar probably, can give you something that you can’t understand at first. Keep on possessed by the sounds or the blasts because Rave-underground society should be the best place for finding temporary pleasures, soul-mates or even victims. Let the bang-a-loud tracks like Follow The Leader, Step into The Afterlife, Red Radio, Blow Your Brains Out, Sick S.O.B or Gabber is Dood ? which mostly written by Michael, Paul, Roberts and Thijs having the balancing respects on gods, demons and being creatively having fun without limits. 

Hosannah Superstar: