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IX 03:32 (Self-Released 2017)

   Sufferer playing their distinctive semi-brutal and progression of depressive heavy Post-Hardcore, Modern Metal to Hard Rock like an anxiety story-teller off California citizen knowing that something already went wrong to be a bigger disaster. Sufferer whose consisting of Forrest Wright (A Perception), Cory Lockwood (A Lot Like Birds) Shane Gann (Hail The Sun) and Blake Dahlinger (I The Mighty) now join forces on this one particularly, on detailing days in life for the three vocalists formation as a side project or continued directly as then legally being an unofficial ambassador for the association of America Depression & Anxiety community group by releasing this album … Sufferer came with ten songs as being calling them in titles as chapters.
   From Chapter I on one minute, twenty-three seconds to Chapter II for two minutes and twenty-eight seconds progressively all the way straight down to Chapter X and different time-lapse in murderous Prog-Metal blasting you can related to hear there as the black sun’s melting; predict that things showed up or being re-considerate – must be within a good damn reason – ready to occur.