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Invalidate (Get Better 2017)

Queer(ed), angry but never stop there just to self-pitying oneself because these Ashbury Park, New Jersey Pop-Punk group calling themselves – Teenage Halloween don’t have to be sounded raging too much and damning the entire freaking world just because they’re also having bad times and bad days and bad experiences in this life just like you right now.
Either you loved to skating or not doesn’t matter at all for now cause Luke Henderiks (guitar, vocals), Danni May Ciminnisi (keyboards), Lynn Tuimil (bass), Brandon Hakim (saxophone), Eli Frank (guitar), Brian DeSeno (drums), Connor Egan (trombone, flute) and Kevin Sabik (trumpet) are energetic and fascinated to bring to your all their collections of independent “old skool” mixing of Ska-Punk and Power-Pop back as an alternative to increasing some more positive ideas and thoughts as some of those depressive people needs to step away from their worst behavior of doing things that their nightmare told them to do. 
Go join the Pogo-Dance community and try to be happy, fellas because through Eternal Roast recording; Moving Song, Jerk, Shitty Person or 666! will showing you how to have a good time, creating cool stuff and the sucked life won’t shut you down anymore.

Eternal Roast: