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Interiors Screw Strand (Clean Plate Records 2014)

   Savage to the bone featuring their excellent sonic mutated of slamming formats via the combinations between Emo-Hardcore and Death Rock thrashy in 1000 mph leaving the minutes and seconds behind while blasting the angst screamo parts version for Amherst, Massachusetts with Andy Skelly, Geoff Garlock, James Clarke, Jayson Green and Will Killingsworth on Ritual Mess crew presenting their finest artistic of ruining rocks louder than comforting words because the realm ain’t that calm or kind; Vile Art came like a slapping fist to the rich-kids faces over and over again.

   Jumps onto the mosh-pit and try not to holding on to something as your body will feeling lighter and get bruises and scars just like the songs completely did to itself by making people hurting people as a test on humanity pressures within the tracks of belligerent thumping gore for scum onto Actualize The Taste, Formal Apology, #7, The Last Shout and Ritual Blood Pact or Prison Too shall really definite blasts your damn ears out. 

   Reminding how the early Extreme Metal-Core and Modern Nu-Metal pioneering this to turn the tide of the Heavy Metal ship back to the righteous course since … 

Vile Art: