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Innuendos Honest (Capitol Records 1992)

   Seems to be that you might dreaming of listen the lovely Folk-pop semi-acoustic group bringing their best efforts to your stereo lately; nowadays the amount seems like added endlessly but back to the days where solo electric guitars leading the roars of Heavy Metal hey-days there’s a chance on having the exquisite authentic infantile voices and clear harmony of three guitars in one particular album even though you realized that they’re only serving once and gone. Mr. Reality shall bring you the Bon Jovi old effects home to love.
Primarily on 12-strings guitars and acoustic bass guitar and interesting themes as the written songs seems to give the audience real hooks to dying to listen to Peter Scherer, Gordon Brown and Rob Tanico sending their social values ideas and individual experiences to the inked songs like Jess, Anonymous, My Guns, In My Yard to If I Close My Eyes (An Open Letter to The Statue of Liberty) – brought back the moment of Midwest, rural and suburban area feelings with the afternoon hotter days blown through those windy roads to your backyard with a good energy of playing simplicity. Unlucky, this trio didn’t lasts longer.

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