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Infernal Organ Fly (Conzoon Records 2012)

   Why must one afraid the dark if the better spot under the light is being covered by shadows so one won’t get blinded at sight must be a good interpreted emotional answer for a good reason that we should listening to Future Prefect duo of Rebecca Owen and Simon Owen organized their pledging maker of writing music and produced songs and lyrics for the second collaborating efforts here for Escape; a definite Synth-Pop/Disco-Rock/Industrial-Pop and House meets Goth-Pop presenting the inner cerebral parts of Electronic minds which as the slogan written to alerting you from being surprised but helping yourself to find the way out of that complicating maze drawn in front of the album cover. With songs like Counterattack, War of Words, Silent Scream or Paradise; it would be easy or hard to alone searching for the exact exit on following the beats of intense and extra-ordinary echoes – gone with the wind embracing the first smells of October – perhaps.

Would you rather listen or dance ...