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Inebrianthem (Not On Label 2013)

   Riff-age distortion and bashing tempos freshly punching the hooks made by this South African group – Crossfire Collision with Bruce Mc Dougall, Devon Martindale, Matthews James and Sean Devey frontally, bursting their semi-aggressive music sounds as the mixture of Melodic Hardcore-Punk and sequels of harmony background vocals like Bad Religion in a different formation looks too damn good to leave behind and the debut album entitled Panic Face would infinitely shows us the bravest new generation that never afraid to sharing their visions about the last end of the world through their common minds. 
   The attacks of mad giant robots from outer space like the governments telling you on the news is actually, their own project mistake turning uncontrollable then, unleashed and raging the land – devastating the modern civilizations to conquering the planet themselves because they’re smarter than us  - thanks to the inventions of the artificial intelligent ten years ago that already predicts to advancing farther from the maker’s vision for the future. 
Punkish melodic blasts and stories via Derek Watts, Invented The Lightbulb, Horizons, Gridding From Ear to Ear, Fighting a Shadow and Caught in The Crossfire can’t be ignored by anyone shouting “Heyo” that day. 

Screaming after the first glimpse of fear seeing it comes with the destructive strength will make you understand the deal – but it’s too late …

Panic Face: