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Industry City (Community Records 2012)

   By the beliefs heavily praising whether Jah, Shiva or Cthulhu with the interests basically for Punk-Pop, Ska even Thrash Metal to snack, the moon and gin or Swingin’ Utters to Lady Gaga and Kesha might making your eye-brows raising-up questioning on who the hell is this Stuck Lucky (band) really are ! Nashville – TN’s bunch of Punk-rockers; Andy Moss (bass), Ross Winchel (drums), Jonzee McJones (vocals), Lee Doss (guitar, vocals) and Will Carter (trombone, vocals) with Brody (dog, pr agent, manager) had developed their own local branding for Ska-Core with Country/Bluesy Southern tinged style of music as for this forth recording – Their Them really bursting energy to some on burying their burdens away for a couple while as thus favorable dancing-pogo themed tracks like Blood of Snakes, Mortality (I Confess), Darker By Dusk as well as Plug In To Connect and Bugs sharing the band’s song-writing process with higher cleverness to learning about your daily surroundings today – with what and what shouldn’t do or try but watch and learn a bit longer to get wiser.

Their Them: