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Independent Free (Westcoast Worldwide 2010)

For the likes on Hardcore and Metal-Core Punk over names like Agnostic Front, Hatebreed, Hoods or Madball – a bundle of kicking-ass blasting music offerings to your pounding Mosh-pit themes and the protesting against the mis-used of power by the ruling class and the alien-race loyalist leaders – here’s Out For Revenge’s proven commitment to bring on front the exclusive bashing music over the Old School HC (out of Jakarta, Indonesia) products in Black Market Status as where justice and liberty are just toys for them manipulating our lives and there’s nobody really wanted to fight to destroying the reigning fake governments like domino until Hardcore shines back like this effort as one uniting the people and fans for the final battle and claiming the streets.

Thanks for then supports and keep on fisting the ignorant and the bigots via the loud-volume cranking tracks of heat-wave through the angry wisdom messages on Sacred Ground (feat. Roger Miret), Gladiator Academy, Right Wrong and Sunnyland to Blown Away. 

March now, fight today, die tomorrow ! 

Black Market Status: