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Incompatible Sk8boarding (Making Believe 2013)

Genoa answering to The Ramones-que fever over Italian Punk Rock scene today; as the perfect attitude and deliverance of semi-fast standard out of these foursome Ratbone-ers: Andre, Jay, Paolo and Ludo clearance their high-singing background vocals and pleasurable measurements over the very likes off any New Yorker Punk-Rock songs similarity as copying a little more from their infamous uncles – Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee and Marky or CJ Ramone within the releasing debut of the self-titled album Ratbones same like the band’s name which covering lots of subjects - from social-vlaues, daily boredom, silly romance or addictions.
The opening of Sociopathic with Mass Giorgini, Star Shield, I’m Going Down, Covert Operations, Rock & Beat Her, Prostitute or Mental Rehab and Put My Helmet On must be a collectible song-anthems moment for everyone who can’t ever get enough of listening to The Ramones may had a quite flash-back experiences while listening to Ratbones.

Hey Hoo Hey !!!