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In Pocket (Emrikording & Entertainment 2016)

Whether those sexy hips would starting to move little bit arousing to your partner or doing a secret blowjob for your dirty-minded boss on the back of a limousine or just cruising around the lame town hoods spreading the beats of blending Hip-Hop/Funk, Modern Disco and Stoner-Soul motions off the catalog you’ve chosen to this album – The Cosmic Phunk Saga Continues recorded by M-Rock; a/k/a Emrik Larsson – your King of Funk from Sweden making his way owned solo project that still could sting your butt harder than your grandpa’s Motown collections. Be blown-up high as the imported Gothenburg’s sounds of Funky Velcro sweaty beats compels you and your girls, having sex isn’t a crime and your mistress will definitely moaning hard through these mess pretty loud and again and again masturbated drown in orgasm within Urban Blues, West Coast Boogie, Blow Your Whistle, Summer Tyme ft. Cane and Danny Bellnose Dream ft. Johanna Hjort.

Get involved to the wet dreaming party of all night no-rules of sex appeals etc …

The Cosmic Phunk Saga Continues: