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Illusion Optical (Primrose Records 1992)

   Special reference on playing the hammond organ as well as his musical ability career through Santa Cecilia Academy or Chigiana Academy of music compositions also his excellent taste for making a very dark, horrific and terrorizing starts and continuing various years on producing, arranging and conducted the infamous Horror soundtracks in recording or film industry as this Roman born man – Carlo Maria Cordio quickly again releasing his one of the great masterpieces via The Bite of Fear as not only a soundtrack of Electronic stage and screen with a very deep darker ambient on instrumentals suddenly gripping your guts and turning it to tiny pieces since the sessions of frightening over a giant creature monstrous reptile ready to swallows you whole as the music fills in within Transformation (in three parts), Darknight, Child of Satan or Special Terror on the same three parts; Darkday to Alienator,Anxiety, Desolation or some Survivors being chased again by their own sins by Maniac – sickening to be disturbed by the shocking effects aside of the movie making or record processing might sounded the same. More orchestral affections and more Killer Dark to shut down the Final Countdown from releasing the creature out and pushing humanity to the bottomless hole-like well which due to the folklore around it – may turned your daydreaming into nightmares.

The Bite Of Fear: