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Idunna. Runic Stenar (Lichterklang 2014)

Neo-Folk Symphonic Rock presentations from Ruhrgebiet, Germany Dark-Folk traditionalist group named Aeldaborn as compiring of Philomela, Pilar Molina, S. Dante, Sepp Funkel and Thomas Luckewerth didn’t sounding too scary or creepy right after the introduction of the two minutes and twenty seconds Thu Art Ae … entering Hakonarmal as it selling the traditional point of views to the third party listeners as the band capturing their influences from almost everywhere and many various cultures to blend for their musical program or project; especially by guitars and percussions.
These thirteen songs which not all being a fully track written by Aeldaborn truly diminishing the stereo system or more than eighty percents collaborates to regaining their mysticism ancient beliefs ruined by the Christians long time ago as for now the amazing ways of pagan ideas can coming back and resurfaced as the grown of church power is getting weaker but the Heavy Metallers connections are stronger like metall-o-coustic version side of Tenacious D. 
The Cosmic Trident feeds you with the large amounts of semi-acoustic as thus traditional harmonic musical instruments playing altogether in making the chants or hymn for war and peace – depends on the condition and the shouting words or sentences in a foreign language may caused you bored but Vainamoinen, Tochter Der Sterne and letter of Indulgence echoed - reminds you again of how the early church already making mistakes – terrible ones and kept being selfish to under-estimated pagan’s systematic attacks back to the roots …

The Cosmic Trident: