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Hypnotic Nova’s Dance (Not On Label 2016)

   Pending most of the things you dislike might ended up to you – a stuck situation but when it happens to you don’t be too scared cause perhaps, the problems would be solving via musical project and for that – a choice to make is trying to listen for some kind of (maybe) a modern Progressive Grooves and Ambi-Djent collections in good vibes describing mostly about asian or just this examples from the works of Maxime Lathiere for Cartoon Theory. As heavy Metal guitar riffs by Juan Carlos Briceno aka Breeze or the drumming by Travis Orbin plus metric tons of Synth-Pop territory as everything of the music instruments performance being done by Mr. maxime Lathiere himself including the Japanese anime-based and more technical classic on Prog-Rock blends make the event sounding from pleasurable metallic to thus pop-sweetening beats to not arguable anymore but relaxing your ears and feelings on a couch.       Amazing front cover artworks about Planet Geisha and the track-listing songs variably presented ther only for you and the rest of the san world to keep on develops as Planet Geisha I Sacred Geometry (feat. Plini & David maxim Micic) to the last V The murmuring of Tokyo’s Anthill seems to be impossible at first to put in mind but imaginable and as well as the complexity of Wizardry Mind (feat. Plini) shall captures all the imminent immense of impossibilities corrupted by short-thinking of most human brain cells would – to reacts a better margin to the warping futuristic consciousness towards the recording and the aims made labeled hard to discovers putting this into only one genre …

Planet Geisha: