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Hurt Feelings (Not On Label 2016)

Fremont, California with a smile and friends that cares; may be yours as a slogan that saved the day from disaster sadness and longing distress as the atmosphere of Classic Pop quartet tuning from the sixties era and seventies flower generation shall accompanying your hearing room with the main course on the stereo playing the self-titled tracks recording from Sweet Peaches through the entire second floor of your house.
Even your mom on the kitchen and your grandma inside her closet loving them as much as well. The hints catches by the wrong moves on the right demanding for thus worship ul to Rn’B and Motown harmony into Pop resemblance and the correlation on vintage results really fits for mostly, after dinner occasion and you know this time you did the right musical to bring home to – thank you as the story and the themed songs goes on singing clearly in a female form and her back-up band continues in Ain’t Nothin’, Trying to Sleep, Eyes on The Road or Dreaming in The Day or the cover of The Jackson Five on I Want You Back – really brings the memory of those good old days …

Sweet Peaches: