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Hombres Peligro (Subterfuge/Noiselab 2001)

   Olvido Gara Jova born in Distrito Federal, Mexico before spending short time living there and moved to Spain as an actress or a Punk-Rock group members and met Ignacio Canut Guillen – a multi-instrumentalist, producer song-composer and weird personality for then, them both exchanging talents in order to form a Spanish Pop-Electro group with Olvido on vocals and Ignacio playing keyboards and synthesizers. Late at night or the fast clock off the wall ringing the alarm; the group yet again releasing this third recording contains as Fangoria – the sexual sensitive and arousing sounds providers through Naturaleza Muerta booming the beats for the stereos, the music players, the crowds whom asking non-serious questions and those magnificent fashion-girls with or without proper clothes on their body for keep on dancing like a maniac hominid whether you like Spanish lyrics or classic old dancing from the 80’s era to many choices for being silly on making a flirt of your lifetime worth with El Cielo Esta Vacio, Un Astronauta Solo Flotando,  Eternamente Inocente and Mas Que Una Bendicion; giving Synth-Pop puberty a quite bad name with much more molesting tension happened there as kept a secret like A-okay ! 

Naturaleza Muerta: