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Hips Lips Candy (Asthmatic Kitty 2014)

The duet of sisters that would share their charms upon your ears; especially those whom liking to have thus Midwest vocal harmonies and Folk-Pop song-writings and beauty of easy listening format sounds right here from these Indianapolis’ sleeping Jurkiewicz girls on a boat musical project upon the releasing record – Fumes. As for Rabbit, Can’t Admit It, Cabin Fever or The Wolf is Free may spreading the smells of nearly Autumn peak in season above you and around the places dwelling creatures used to have their precious life with the plants and the smiling flowers peacefully grows. Amazing parts of us would definitely attracted by the following Soft-tinged tunes and enchanted lyrics of stories commencing to Lily & Madeleine’s songs here.
Listens to them all and feel the breezing wind or the warmth atmosphere creeping slowly to comforts you to your everlasting moment of resting for the day break; let their charms of crystalline sopranos vocal collaborates in such melodies and gentle tones lullaby-ing your dreamy head.