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Hillside Stranglers (Clean Plate Records 1998)

   Meet these uncountable tracks far from the word “comfortable” to filling up your gutty terms of Extreme Grindcore making sensation on the portrait off one infamous serial killer of all time in US soil – Dahmer as now the group of metallic heads from Quebec City – Canada giving their mysterious sourced materials of the background story over Jeffrey Dahmer, mass murderers and other topics related to gore-grinding. Formed by Seb on bass and vocals, Yvan on drums, Fred on guitars and John (guitars) as a unknown quartet of the serial killer imaginative sons of bitches profiling their works of torturing themes here as active as the one you heard through Dahmerized within Adolfo De Jesus De Constanzo, John George Haugh, Albert Hamilton Fish, In Cool Brnache Sensass & Flye, Les Dieux De L’Underground onto Just Another Dis-Clone Song to Dennis Andrew Nilsen.
Blasting progress of tons illegal tales about the banned things and names considered as taboo for many as a sickening products of broken society of the West and the rest of the global fucking realm. Grinds grinds grinds harder !