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Heroic Dose (Gloss Records 2017)

   Bunch of a blending Psychedelic desert Bluesy metallic worshipers to the bikers brotherhood musicians to the semi-legendary of three-six strings glorifications on tributing to Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Sleep’s Holy Mountain and Electric Wizard occults – here’s Moon Rats the seasoned Milwaukee five-piece band of Western Stoner Psych-Rock enthusiasts consisting of lord leader Al Kraemer, Victor Buell (guitars), bassist Jeff Grabo, Tang Dondero on drums to Myles Coyne the keyboardist came in a hard loud mid-tempo smash fuzz sounds as gallantly, fought the inferno of the invaders via the themed songs as bashing as Become The Smoke, The Dark Takes Hold or Overdose – all being exported from this latest recording of Moon Rats: Highway Lord.

May the spirits of the old and mother nature protects you always – brothers !

Highway Lord: