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Hero American (Bandcamp2013)

   Rainbow Kitten Surprise isn’t your little sister sugary or sweetening products and definitely, not the soft adult magazine as well; these five members of Boone, NC could be your gladly – chosen artist of this month which their Pop-tinged good old fashioned of kindly offering to the listeners for giving their curiosity a try and thankfully for Charlie Holt, Jess Haney, Ethan Goodpaster, Samuel Melo or Darrick “Boozy” Keller whom liking Kings of Leon or Modest Mouse so damn much comes fronting the demands by using their softer musical performance for Alternative Indie Rock as Rainbow Kitten Surprise over their more than just a good album but … Seven needs you to trying it and playing the music loud like you’ve being busy preparing to walk through the wilderness to Glastonbury Festival just like your ears can capturing the conversations secretly writing lyrics and founding a band which is good enough for you and the rest of the plant-eater and other goblin mysteriously as roughly softer than the woman’s body – hailing the acoustic relevant over Devil Like Me, Shameful Company, American Hero when the demonic possessing or being cast out from the fraternity that’s whispering Mr. Redundant, First Class or Fail! 
As Seven is your pure lucky number so far and there will be consequences after you smile.

We would keep making mistakes.