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Hell Rot Dirt (Twelve Gauge Records 2006)

   Led by two figures that mostly might happens to formed or just directly, leading the musical program for this Metal/Hardcore unit as Cody Sullivan and Jay McNeilly by blending their roots of violent sounds off Thrashy Rock N’ Roll and Hardcore-Punk via the shake-hands of conspiracy as well always through this good album releasing on Midnight Venom; where the snakes are gathered to spreading their poisonous effects across the globe via this secret meeting and planned calculating of the exact points where mankind supposed to obeying them and bow down but Sabertooth Zombie here has bravely – giving us the leaking important information towards the recording they’ve made. Clashing, bashing and fast tempos covering its messages lyrics to the world – an alarm of what’s going to happen or already happening on our daily lives; from Decayed Decade, Flee Creep and Cheat, Automatic Minds Dangerous Lives, American Eyes Part One (Black of Mouth) to I’m Fucking Disgusted, Lady Death is Into Hotrods and Meth Addicts or Dismantle definitely – will sending the energy of getting up, awake and changed for the people and by the people so that the evil reigning throne of the world leaders shall be destroyed once and for all as we living in year zero with harmony again ?

Tales of the twentieth century and beyond.

Midnight Venom: