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Hatarok Nelkul (Hadak Utja Kiado 2012)

Test Es Ver must be some kinds of reality testing to the local heroes of metallic heads playing their mixing features off the Hard Rock, Folk-Metal, Heavy Rock and some traditional ballads as well into their Rock N’ Roll mansion mission to introduced their type of old Hungarian old musical harmony and more Metal sounds written in the national language that is also spoken by the band members of Hungarica – either it’s Barnabas Preidl, Fabian Zoltan, Kiss Daniel to Ments Norbert and also Bella Norbert or Balazs Sziva onto the sixth recording releases within the background courageous tales off the great warrior of all time whose threatening most of the Europe continent – Atilla The Hun and how glorious those each and every one of the epic stories on Az Igazsag Napja (True Crime), Lengyel-Magyar (related to the family roots union between the Pole and The Huns) or the other strange titles written here like Kaloda or Zugo Vihar but the rocking music standard with good techniques and the harmony choir vocals available truly mixed into kinds of Motorhead meets System of A Down coexists to breaking the injustice rulers around the globe or wrecking the evil organizations slavery like IMF to EU perhaps or they’re just lending the balst tracks to celebrates the drinking hour on beers and ale and things sounded familiar as the solo melodic or the mid-tempo drumming comes to front bashing as Lelkem Nem Elado and Ringato caught your attention to entirely admiring them.
Conquers and take no prisoners as the Huns and The Gypsy looting your edge of town since last night.

Test Es Ver: