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Hangman Since (Not On Label 2009)


   For those whom liking how the music performance off the Nu-Metal and Industrial metal names like Tool, The Mars Volta, Ashes Divide to Filter and the relaxing classic rock anthem from Jeff Buckley, David Bowie experimental events to Sevendust or Foo Fighters and STP to Guns N’ Roses may predictably enforcing you to react superior and jumping crazy – doing the head-banger and as you might not remembering Wayne Static’s close friend on six-strings from the Static-X crew and fixing the chaotic emerges sounds through the weirder parts of Bjork or Peter Gabriel closely influences which Kawachinagano-shi, Osaka – Japan Koichi Fukuda did well on his own labeling music format of Industrial Rock and Pop melodic casualties after his previous metallic band and other project fails. Mixed by ELK and Daniel Brecher; this Drugstore Fanatics solo album which spawning the debut release of What’s Born in The Basement may causing furor for the likes on Billy Corgan or James Iha solos alike as well. Put your gas-mask on and feel the rhythmic power subdues and the correlating pulses on technology reaction bursts out higher spreading melodies and noises like avast explosions.    Example truth can be found hidden behind Shifter, You Got The Ball, The Boy, Lonely Winter or The Distance as for the endings like The Bear March keeps the continuity grow bigger every-time the season’s changed like Dave Grohl fronting QOTSA with the rest of Christian metal emotional rockers.