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Halyomorpha Blues (Bandcamp 2015)

   Heavenly angelic and unfamiliar sounds that really catching your attentions slowly spreading through the air tonight or that evening moment where nobody can predicts about how life’s going to begin again after the small ends, the memory passed by and thus little seeds and the dry leaves carried by the wind blowing softly as the edge of the rural area seems to be your paradise that one being search all their lives before. Meet the musical sound recording made well by lead guitarist/vocalist Vincent Yarnell, percussionist Matt Sinkovitz, bass player Joe Schaefer and who knows what else they’re bring with them via this enchanted sounds in harmony blending from Harrisburg area as Indie Folk meets Pop as playing by the band – Rivers. Through this self-titled (EP) – the Carlisle, Pennsylvania honestly giving their point of figure straight to the character whom looked a like a fox that taking all the chickens out to play as thus melodic semi-acoustic and live musical on the outdoor’s basic atmosphere compares the freedom and ideas to the simplicity that we need to attempt onto our world right now. No greedy sense coming within the selective songs to choose here like Home, Hideaway, Photographic Memories and Heartland.

You may knowing it already sweetening served as there no poison for the audience but trust and wiser lyrics to share …

Rivers (ep):