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Had A Dog Gun (Sanctuary Records 2004)


   One of the favorite American bass guitar players whose everyone knows him well via the excellent rocking career and fireworks displays as he ultimately reached as his own momentum as a rock-head with his legendary Rock N' Roll circus group of all time hits and best staging performance and of course, many great albums - Gene Klein ne Chaim Witz or your dad and uncles and yourself knowing him - if tis not as The Demon character from KISS than he's "just only" Gene Simmons.
Fact about himself as the longest tongue in rock history and much appreciated musicians as well as womanizer but pretty few shall realizing that he can also do some of his own solo project just like this right here on Asshole (the recording) as musicians, song-writer and producer and this Carmel, Israel-born really fitting his ability and choices to put as much genre cross-over onto his own favorable mix of sound and rock keeps rocking on through this latest installments from Mr. Simmons to the world. As many musicians helping him to perfecting this album like Mark Addison did the most musical instruments performance with Gene himself as well as Richie Kotzen to bruce Kulick handling the guitar's department or background vocals and lead from names like Chris and Steve Parrish to Eric Singer on drums, Thomas Ruud on lead guitars, his hot wife Shannon Tweed even the entire Zappa family from Ahmet to Moon Unit are there to added something nice for Gene - where (here) unmasked and looking mature than before.
Asshole would be a solo album that filled with sexy hot babes, sexual aromatic atmosphere, druggy Rock n' Roll pounds with the Industrial mixes and Heavy Metal balance as well as the songs you need to listen to from the hardest parts like Prodigy's cover of Firestarter, Sweet & Dirty Love or Weapons of Mass Destruction to the romantic ballad Pop like Sinatra on LSD via Waiting For The Morning Light or the commercial one off The Beatles' influence on Beautiful.
Is it too damn good or too cheesy ?
You listen first and then, decide.