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G.T.O. Bad (White Jazz 1998)


   Go pushing yourself frontally and justified the punchy on someone face if you really think this life is boring like modern days making fun of you every-time and girls are just wanna have their own fun by choosing macho guys or richer dick-face and for that thank you to Punk Rock gods of glamour – we got The Terpentines for a sticky examples about how on earth has been via the Swedish Rock N’ Roll group’s visionary and slamming kicks music.
American Music For American People starring Anders Bjornlund, Markus Karlsson, Andreas Andersson and Tommy Ferdi Andersson ready to shout-out their impressive semi-faster bad attitude show on stage that even The Rolling Stones cannot compared these days anymore; becoming a pain in the ass that surely, being prank or bullied by fate a lifetime now seeking revenge through Don’t Even Care, Lie To Me, Not So Cool, She Belongs to Jesus, Gimme The Shakes as well as No Salvation. 

There’s a future alright for the fight songs pogo-club rockers society - than just being a lame follower for making money before quitting up or kill yourself ! 

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