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Ground Zero Suicide (Zombie Stomp 2005)


   Listed there on the Rock N’ Roll Horrors on Punk and Indie-based figures out bursting like boiling fester from your infection wounds being possessed by these Trenton, NJ group consisting of Brian Mazzarin (drums), Mikey G (bass guitar, vocals), Jimmy Ray (guitar, vocals) and Johnny (vocals, guitars) worsen than just another copycat of The Misfits but they're The Cryptkeepers Five on their last compilations release called Pomade, Switchblades & Their God Damn Rock & Roll but the real thing for them is that none of these rockers really dressing-up in terrifying Halloween costumes like Jerry Only or Dr. Chud but the entire relating musical performance that sounding bloody screaming un-dead angst-based truly fits for any occasional of haunted house theme park ideas saluting upon the group to bring The Lunacy of Lonely Mr. Cadaver, Midnight on Lovers Lane, The Invisible Ray, Dead Baby and more terrors shares !

Pomade, Switchblades & Their God Damn Rock & Roll: