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Graverobbers Mars (Hollywood Records 1997)

   This Cross-Over of Alternative Metal from one of the intense point back to the late nineties era with the quartet of Aimee Echo, Jeff Schartoff, Michael Tempesta and Scott Ellis as the Nu-Metal clashing with the Alternative Rock and to be honest that even if you still wanted to have Grunge-based music to be lasted longer at that time; as the Punk Rock revolution comes back so did Heavy Metal extreme and Human Waste Project releasing their mix of metallic maniac sounds off Hardcore, Thrash Metal to Progressive Rock onto the views of thus wide opening sky where you and your family looking up as something might looking down as well back down to mankind – either to saving us or destroy everything as if we’re living inside the endless acres of concentration camp which being blasted by the strange bursts erupting from the sophomore vocals to screaming and growler as the riffs and intense beats and bass-line shouting like thunders breaking the silence over Disease, Drugstore, Hold Me Down, Electra or Powerstrip onto Get With It.
Aimee Echo and friends had not walking a bit too far with E-Lux but at least, they’re also (with) thus big contingents of Nu Metal Alternative genre was unleashing back the ferocious anger of Heavy Metal unchained !