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Graven Tempest (Iron Bonehead Productions 2016)

Slow metallic to roast of the extremities for death-spells not sell-in towards the good people or common rock listeners by guessing that these Australian troops may calling themselves “A Ritualistic Necromancy of Death Metal” as raw and blacker as they’re sounded like here over the releasing of the third installments from the band’s heavier catalogs with The Hecatomb.
Consisting of BR, Mitchell Keepin, Mordance or Phil Kusabs or hell knows whom joining the dark-blasphemous Death metallic crew sharing the views off the hell entrance or exit somewhere you cannot mapping it quite accurate but while listening to those tracks of murderous occult related thicker than demon’s blood onto the themes for Adrift in Sepulchral Entropy, Ossuary (Commune 3.1), Fortress of Burden and Distress, Within The Arms of Nothingness and Charnel Winds – closely brings all those hollowing sorrow and evil denominations from the pit to knock down holy places and heaven. 

Go this dark path alone and be a satyr star of the shadow.

The Hecatomb: