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Gonna Try What ? (Radioactive 1995)

   After The Clash really screwed up and out, Mick Jones developing the favorable new sounds of himself deeper and traditional than his previous Punk-Reggae legend group had ever did before and for that thank god – we got Big Audio Dynamite formed by Jones on vocals and guitars with bassist Leo Williams, Greg Roberts on drums and vocals, Don Letts whom is a film director for effects and vocals to Dan Donovan on keyboards. As they’re absolutely making some of their finest recording releases since then which includes the rare experimental for Dub-Rock, Ska-Reggae Punk ensemble onto Electronic, Leftfield, Alternative Rock as well as Brit-Pop and Break-beats to Rocksteady and even Calypso-Latin to African music on this project as you may experience through one of the last recording of them via F-Punk. A parade for many kinds of variety rebel-sounds of modern culture issues to social values to daily news or an anti-MTV anthems over I Turned Out A Punk, Vitamin C, Psycho Wing, It’s A Jungle Out There as for romancing time on Got To Set Her Free ambiguously wiser or Singapore for a cheap adventure.

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